Molly 1.2


Molly is becoming quite the character. She’s developing her vocabulary. She vigorously shakes her head for no or slaps you if you are getting on her nerves. If you sing a song, she stops whatever she’s doing, moves to the middle of the room and dances with artistic subtlety.

She also sits on the toilet for no apparent reason.

She's going to hate me for this some day.

She had her first chocolate easter egg. She had two bites and I had the rest.

First chocolate easter eggs

We went to visit my extended family and the smaller kids were taking turns riding in the doll stroller. Molly broke it.

She sat in the baby doll stroller and it broke

Spaghetti. Obviously.

Obligatory spaghetti shot

Drawing and doing a fairly good job at keeping it on the paper.


Did I mention she can scale walls?

she climbs all over

Effin’ adorable

hockey hair

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One Comment on “Molly 1.2”

  1. rachael says:

    Nursing pic ftw. I’m sad that all my nursing photos make me look derranged.

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