Synchronicities are helpful guides or villainous foes?

There was a time, years ago, when my life was replete with synchronicities. I loved it. I felt like not only was the universe giving me signs to better navigate the world, but that it was also giving me a little pat on the back.

Good job for paying attention to these little things. Way to go.

Then for years, nothing. It slowly faded away even though I felt and feel like I was making all the best choices. Maybe I just stopped paying attention to the signs. Maybe they just stopped happening. Maybe it was all just baloney anyway?

But I don’t think it was. They’ve slowly been creeping up on me and it seems like every new person I meet or atypical situation I’m in is guiding me in a certain direction of growth. I’m totally buzzing on that feeling lately. Things that don’t seem related at all seem to unwaveringly each have a little nugget to them that is SO ABOUT everything I’m going through right now.

I really want to just ride this wave and see where I end up. But now that I’m older, have more responsibilities, I have more at stake. I need to consciously pay attention and make sure that these life cues are going to do right by me. I’m just not sure. Because as much as things are pulling me in one direction, there is also so strong, but not total, resistance in some aspects. I think that resistance comes from a fear of change primarily. A need for stability and safety. These factors are external to me. I feel comfort in what the universe plans for me.

It’s complicated to sort out I guess.

On this day

In 2006 – a trip to Montreal
In 2005 – back problems


One Comment on “Synchronicities are helpful guides or villainous foes?”

  1. Melissa says:

    You might like this book: “The Power of Coincidence” – David Richo I’m a follower of Serendipity, as well. 😉

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