Bobby 3.10

Bobby is all about the poop lately. Obviously it’s a hilarious topic and I do nothing to discourage it. Why do I need to harp on that kind of stuff? What’s the point? None. If we are going to dine with royalty then I’ll talk to him about it.

Bobby is very fashion forward. He realy likes putting together outfits and starting new trends. Double popped collars are no-good but shades… SHADES are where it’s at.

So cool - double shades

Sometimes it’s very important to be a superhero all day long. But it’s tiring.

Even Superheroes Gotta Sleep

Bobby and Molly have continued to get along most of the time. There are starting to be sharing based issues but I think we are doing a good job of mitigating them and teaching patience and all that jazz. But they just love each other and snuggle and stuff. OMG adorable.

Morning Snuggles


Bobby recently discovered this. Also not doing anything to stop it. I remember not being allowed to do this as a kid. But why? The worst that can happen is it spills. So what?

Milk Bubbles

And this just creeps me right out.

Milk Bubbles

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