Wine o

There are wines that I really enjoy and wines that I truly despise. I never pay attention to what they are. This is unhelpful when choosing a wine to drink. I’ve tight of paying attention but really, my brain is too full with more important things. No more room!

Reds I like are smooth and buttery with no sharpness.

Whites I like are crisp and have a good balance between sweet and tart.

Otherwise just hand me a cider or some liquor.

On this day

In 2010 – I DID just watch Boogie Nights…
In 2008 – two protected posts. Let me know if you need the password and I’ll judge your worthiness
In 2007 – where does the word nitwit come from?
In 2005 – possibly offensive tattoo, years later, I’m not sure how I feel about it.


One Comment on “Wine o”

  1. kalyn says:

    My favourite whites are a nice dry Prosecco (bubbles!) and Gewürztraminer. I also really like Sauternes as a dessert wine. I’m not overly fond of sweetness, but I had some Sauternes at Gordon Ramsay on our honeymoon in London and it was AWESOME. So was the dessert.

    Reds, I’m lost. We have a friend who usually picks my red wine, and he’s always gotten it right…I just never know what it is! I LOATHE overly tannic wines. 😦

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