To do list of despair

Starting today, Brent has evening commitments every night up to and including Friday. Already this is grating on me. I find it so boring to be the only person over the age of 4 here evening after evening. I have lots of things to do, so that’s not the issue at all. I’m not sure what the issue is. I want to go out as well? Likely. I think I need to change my mind frame from ‘I’m stuck at home with a bunch of stuff I have to get done’ to ‘lucky for me, I get to accomplish all these tasks once the kids are to bed!’

I’m working on it…

-shower (this is the one I’m looking forward to)
-get Molly to sleep (near impossible as of late)
-get Molly’s diapers prepped for tomorrow
-make meeting schedule for next CA meeting
-send out meeting announcement via email, and media
-respond to a personal email I’ve been putting off for days
-finally make the Molly post
-take off my haggard nail polish
-completely rewrite my resume and cover letter

The stress ball part of me insists that all of these tasks must be accomplished tonight. My rational mind tells me they do not but is being drowned out right now. I dislike that because knowing myself, I’ll take a nice shower and say FUCK IT to the rest and feel more overwhelmed tomorrow.

Oh and the treat of tomorrow:

I had two meetings in my calendar. Right when I was leaving three more got added and now all five of these meetings overlap each other and fill my entire day. Never mind the actual work that I need to get done tomorrow. I will not stress about this though, because somehow when I comes to work I can choose not to. When it comes to putting my life in order and making sure it all gets done? Blarg. Makes me want to go hang out by a lake drinking cider.

On this day:

In 2008 -back when I used to do great things like make crepes
In 2007 -gardening stuff
In 2006 – ex stuff
In 2005 – diligent doer of things


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