Molly 1.1

Post-nap snuggles

Molly has switched up the syllables on the words she says. Instead of Bobby she said beebo, deeda and mama is still the same.  Added is Cracker (khakha) Doggy (dgee) and head shakes for “no”. These are especially cute when pigtails are invloved.
Molly’s new nickname around here is “the terrorist”, if something gives the impression of being climbable, she attempts it, if it can be undone, spilled, dumped, tossed or disheveled, consider that the ultimate goal of her life.

Organizing her things

When we went to the farm there was a calf that loved to lick kids. Molly was ecstatic!
Loving the animals

Molly has discovered the joy of sharing. Also note the nest on the back of her head. This is an issue every morning!
Learning to share

She also likes to just kick back and relax.
Just relaxing

Checking out the water fountain.
Shared fascination

Over March break I took the kids to Mrs. Tiggy Winkles to play with the trains and Molly wandered by the Babies display and LOST HER FUCKING MIND!!! She incessantly chirped “me! me! me!” until we left the store. She has played with this baby/stroller combo every day since. I can not say that about any other toy or object I’ve seen her touch.
Walking her baby

She fearlessly climbs into and onto everything. Have I mentioned that yet?

And she also enjoys feeding herself. None of that pre-cut nonsense either!
Pizza Face

Hanging out in Bobby’s old sweats.
Peekaboo Baby Break

On this day:

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In 2005 – I claim that I never want to have children – At the time, it was totally true.


One Comment on “Molly 1.1”

  1. T says:

    gotta love a bad ass chick! Is she listening to Patty Smith and Joan Jett yet?
    : )

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