Bobby 3.9

Bobby has gotten in to playing with Duplo. As with everything he does, it must be JUST SO. We built this house-car together as well as a tree-house-farm and they both have very tall chimneys and have been put up where Molly can’t destroy them. They must never change. If he takes one apart, we need to rebuild it as closely to the original as possible. This makes things very simple and easy going 😉

A house car

Playing Pirates of the Crib

Scurvy pirates about the ss crib

Grandma IS a camera right? Her visits are all about capturing the kids on camera. Bobby’s all “OK FINE”

Posing for Grandma

Bobby is the best at hugs and snuggles. He hugs with his arms and his legs and he really MEANS is.



Sunday Snuggles

We were explorers in an unknown land of gullies and fjords and and mountains and adventure.


Having triumphantly leapt over the gorge

We visited the barns at the Museum of Agriculture and did science experiments at the local book store.

Bonding with a calf

Learning science

We gazed into the future…


Bobby drinks fully from the cup of life. Or ya know, the bath spout.

Drinking with the fish

The force of energy and passion and excitement and anger and rage and love and caring is unbelievable.

Wild Energy

Dance Machine

And sometimes hanging out in a well known yet unexpected place is the best part of his day.

Counter Snacks


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One Comment on “Bobby 3.9”

  1. T says:

    adorable! and BTW you three look like models in photo after photo! Happiness is gorgeous!

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