More drawings and paintings

As mentioned, last night I was rooting around in the basement for my sketchbooks from school. I didn’t find any so I’m convinced they are gone forever. I found a few interesting things though. So here they are:

Back in 2005 I was super into going to the Pam Forth Pilates Studio that was a few blocks away from our apartment. I was a total beginner and was told to bring a notepad to class. I’m such a keener. I drew out all the exercises as they were described and when I got home, I re-drew them in a way that looked more clear. As the classes went on, I stopped doing this because I just didn’t have the time and I didn’t really need the visual aid to be able to do it at home. Years later though, I’m happy I found these, getting to the studio is a challenge. I tried one close to me now and it was terrible by comparison.
beginner pilates 2

beginner pilates 1

This is simply a sitting around being bored doodle.

GET DOWN to business

This is a sketch for a set of two paintings I made. I really like them and wonder where they are at the moment.

beet & carrot

Cross Section Through Dirt – Sketch

cross section through dirt sketch

Cross Section Through Dirt – pencil, water colour and ink on illustration board


Close ups





Everything else I’ve found have been full on school projects. Some are stunning (as much as rendered floor plans or two point perspective drawings of kitchens can be) but they are all too large to be scanned at home and many need to be re-mounted. So if you have any desire to see those you’ll have to come over and help me sort through my giant portfolio.

On this day:

In 2008 – dog in a stroller
In 2007 – Feminism for dummies
In 2006 – dashed hopes (password protected – emessage me if you think you deserve the password :P)


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