paintings and drawing

I’ve been looking through boxes and portfolios for some of my paintings and drawings for a few weeks now. I finally found a few things today! Yay! A lot of the stuff I still have is from when I was in college so it’s interior renderings, furniture design and that kind of thing. I was on the hunt for stuff I did just for me instead of for grades. I don’t have a lot of it. Unfortunately, I left a lot (maybe 50 pieces) with The Ex when I moved out and my hopes for recovering any of that are very slim. I mean – It’s been about 8 years since I moved out, and we are no longer in touch. C’est la vie!

First off, this is one I do not have in my possession. Corinna posted a self portait she took severa years ago and I felt compelled to paint the scene and send it to her. This is it.

ME! Bundy Deux

Next are two paintings I made some years ago. They basically treat the same subject matter over an arbitrary time span. This is representative of how I draw people. VERY SIMPLE. Looking at the second one, I really want to go back and beef up the line work…

Heart Ripped Out

Stitched Up

This last one is a line drawing I made while hanging on the sofa of our old apartment.
Our Apartment

I might eventually find my old sketchbooks but for now, this is all the non-school related stuff I can find.

On this day:

In 2007 – help a lady out?
In 2006 – yoghurt


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