Reckless Consumption

I am fairly incapable of moderation. For the most part, this is about food. Terribly unhealthy food. If I purchase any kind of junk food, I’m good until I start eating it. Then I have to consume it all until it’s gone.

I’ve been thinking about why this is. I don’t savor things. I don’t put a little morsel of chocolate in my mouth and let it delicately melt while I enjoy the rich complexity of the flavours. I stuff as much in my mouth as I can and start to chew it and feel some kind of crazy rush as my gums are encased in the chocolatey sludge.

I used to just go with it but some time ago I’ve started to make adjustments in my life. I try, as best I can, to avoid stocking my cupboards with crap. It mostly works.

I’m personally surprised that (with very few exceptions) this doesn’t extend to alcohol at all. Which is a good thing.

But this isn’t really about sweets is it? I mean is totally IS but it also totally isn’t. I totally gorge on life and lately I’ve been taking in as much as I can. Is it because I’ve been leaving the kids at daycare and venturing into the world of adults? Very likely. I feel like I want to be interacting with adult humans every moment and I’m really enjoying spending time with people who bring out parts of me that have remained dormant for far too long.

Should I let myself gorge? Should I set up controls? I think… I don’t want to think about it! I’m just going to go with it.

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