Back to work!

Today was my second day back at work after one year maternity leave and almost two months of ‘I’m so pregnant I can’t cope with life’ leave.

My first day was spectacularly boring. There was no work for me to do, so I could ‘ease back in to things’ but when I went on sick leave I synched my work email to my phone so there wasn’t much for me to go through. My inbox was empty within an hour. My replacement put my belongings in a box, so I unpacked that and divided the contents between the trash and my cabinets. Now in my cabinets you will find:

– a bowl and a plate (what happened to my cutlery Marie-Catherine???)
– three sticky lint rollers (dogs!)
– a box of OB tampons in case of surprise menstruation (otherwise, Diva cup all the way)
– my manual breast pump and a box of milk storage bags

Some people take smoke or coffee breaks, I take milking breaks.

Today I accomplished some actual work. I was given three projects to work on early in the morning and by lunch had completed 75% of one. Then it was decided that since I’m super I get to have two computer monitors instead of one.

At first I freaked out. I’m too old to learn new tricks! But then I relented and the IT woman installed it. It was new a shiny and made my old screen look, well, old. The two screens were displaying way different colours. It was then decided that the old one would be replaced with the new one’s twin. but the colours were still off! One was beauty and the other was sort of pinkish. Not cool at all. So it was worked on some more while I pestered my actually busy coworkers for entertainment and then it was decided that I needed a new graphics card. That was being installed as I left for the day so hopefully all will be right with the world come morning.

All this to say, I am once again downtown on a daily basis and available for fantastic lunch dates. But don’t delay!!! This offer is only good for the next month. After that I’ll be taking up with my old lunch time lover The Gym.

I am super excited to get back to working out 5 days a week (four if I can be swayed by a great lunch date offer, zero if it’s soft taco week at PSP). Mostly I look forward to doing weights. I find the cardio equipment so boring and when I was doing daily alternations I was never excited to go on cardio day. Fuck cardio day. I can do cardio at home in a way more fun way.

So look out world! Soon I’ll be able to choke you out with my lady pipes!

On this day:

In 2008 – stuff white people like
In 2007 – an umbrella stand made of pants and shoes that have been bronzed
In 2005 – he sounds like a dying cat

One Comment on “Back to work!”

  1. i miss the gym, not doing weights right now is slowing me down.

    crazy how much happens in a year, i can’t believe you are back at work already, that flew by; although im sure a lot faster for you.

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