Molly 12 months ONE YEAR OLD


Oh boy. Molly is a year old now. For the week before her birthday she’s been going to daycare with Bobby. It’s hard for her but she’s doing alright.

She talks now! She says:

Oh yeah

Al done




Bobby (Said bob-EEE)

When it’s time for a nap, or to go to sleep for the night, we settle down in the most boring (to Molly) room in the house. The living room. Apparently her room is way too exciting to fall asleep in. I spend the few minutes before getting her to sleep hiding anything that could remotely be of interest. As a result, this cute little owl carving this fantastic lady sent me from a trip to Bali has to live in the bathroom.

Loves the owl

Molly is not small. She wears clothes made for two year olds. I was even asked if she was two with a speech delay because of her temper when she doesn’t get her way. I am not looking forward to when she is two.


Molly is a rascal. I have few pictures of her this month because she does NOT STOP MOVING. I can’t take a photo because I have to chase her off the stairs, off step stools, off toilets!, out of the pet food and water dishes, out of the cupboards. Can you tell I’m not into baby proofing? Today alone she got mega pissed at me for not letting her play in the kitchen garbage can and telling her that pulling the plants out of the pots was a bad idea. Teen years? Send me to Cuba.

Taking the camera

So Happy Birthday Molly! I know you enjoyed the chocolate ganache that was on your ‘cake’ (oatmeal banana bread). I love you chubby bunny.

Tasting the birthday cake
(note: if you were at Molly’s party and have any pictures please send them to me because I only have a couple)

On this day:

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In 2008 – baby gear
In 2007 – goals – achieved! – somewhat
In 2006 – fat birds
In 2005 – oh astrology! you are so SILLY


One Comment on “Molly 12 months ONE YEAR OLD”

  1. T says:

    oh how I love a Bad Ass! Happy birthday Molly!

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