Bobby 3.7

This is where I get all “I can’t believe he’s growing up so fast!”

It’s time to REGISTER BOBBY FOR SCHOOL. Really it won’t be all that different for me, he’s gone at daycare all day for the same hours but it’s just that he will be in a class with way more than the 3 other kids he spends his days with now. And it will all be in French!

He has become all arms and legs and my absolute favorite is when he gives me a huge hug and wraps his legs around and it holding on so tight I can walk around without holding him at all. But I do. Because he is my Snuggle Buddy.

With age, he has become a slightly more picky eater. I think this also has to due with a bit of food attitude rubbing off from one of the kids at daycare. We have the rule of trying one bite of everything and other than that, it’s up to him what he chooses to eat and how much of it. Certain things just really make him gag now, even though he used to love them, like broccoli. So if we are having that, we make sure there are other veggy options. But those days when the entire meal is considered fantastic? LOVE IT.

This dinner is approved

Bobby is getting more excited about playing with Molly and about the prospect of her joining him at daycare in a month’s time. He is very supportive of her growing set of abilities and does things like hold her hands as she walks or cheer her one when doing something new. He is so kind and sharing and loving and it makes my heart grow.


Christmas morning

How I get things done

busying themselves

The hammer brothers/siblings

Bobby loves to play and loves to imagine. To him, playing sports is like dress up!


Even super heroes need some down time

Pirate Puppet

This is a peg leg. I told him to walk with it but he declined.
Look at my peg leg!

Sometimes kids get toys that it seems like they don’t like, and then a year later, they suddelny really like them.

Using the gift from santa over a year later

Sleepy Cheeks

On this day:

In 2011 – “Everyone loves a burrito!”
In 2010 – “so much fun”
In 2009 – “oh the calamity”
In 2008 – “we listened to the palcenta”
In 2007 –
In 2006 –
In 2005 – glad I didn’t go through with THAT


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  1. T says:

    ~ What a great mom!

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