Winning, the retail edition

A couple weeks ago I bought a $10 Groupon worth $20 for Old Navy. When I got an email from them this morning offering 20% off my entire purchase I decided it was the perfect time to go get a few items.

I pulled up to the store and saw that the sports store next door is having a half price sale. We have been planning on getting Bobby a new pair of skates so I went in to see what they had. They had one pair of skates left and they were his size but with no price tag. They were used and the clerk gave them to me for FIVE DOLLARS. They look like they were only used once.


So then I went to Old Navy and grabbed a bunch of stuff for me an Molly who is growing like crazy. I did some math and put back about $20 worth of stuff since it was over my budget and headed over to the cash. The clerk said that my groupon couldn’t be used with the percentage off and before I even contemplated what to do, he said he would just reduce the cost of one item by $20. So I was glad that it all worked out and when I was leaving, he gave me back my groupon to come use later. So I basically got $20 worth of free stuff!

This obviously means I’ll use it for that stuff that I had put back.


Have you had any great wins lately?


One Comment on “Winning, the retail edition”

  1. Lindsay says:

    I never win anything!! You need to buy me a lotto ticket!!

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