Molly 10 months

Molly turned 10 months on Christmas day so I’m understandably (I think) a few days late on her post. Usually I don’t include the day of in her month recap but I will include only this tidbit. On Christmas day, Molly began to walk on her own, reliably.

For the week leading up to it, she’s been taking 2-3 steps now and then. For a few weeks she’s been standing on her own and waving her hands around or walking while holding on to furniture and walls.
No hands!

Trying to escape!


Her mobility is really great but her stubbornness is not. If she wants to do something, she will try a million times and will scream at you every time you try and stop her. Favorites include:

-eating dog food
-spilling the water out of the dogs’ water dish then putting the dish in her mouth
-going up the stairs
-going down the stairs
-eating cat food
-pulling the air vent grates out of the floor
-pulling plants out of the pot
-pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree
-putting her hands and mouth all over the toilet/Bobby’s little toilet seat
-rummaging in garbage cans
-chewing on dog toys
Best toy ever

To avoid me losing my mind, we’ve been spending weekday mornings out of the house running errands, going to the library or going to playgroup. All for the sake of her not doing any of the things listed above for at least half the day. It works out great. When we go to playgroup, we often run in to Bobby and his daycare crew so Molly gets to play with the boys and the care giver. I think this will really help her transition to daycare in UNDER TWO MONTHS! We stay out until it seems like she will fall asleep any moment and then we go home. She’s often so wiped that I can just bring her in to the house without her waking up.

Post playgroup nap

Molly has become much more expressive facially and vocally in the last month. She makes al kinds of funny sounds and faces and we are getting the hang of figuring out what most of them mean. Sometimes we’ll ask her something and she’ll respond “yeah” in a karate-shop kind of tone and it’s hard to tell if it’s by chance or not because it happens relatively often.

Peekaboo has become a favorite activity. Molly will ‘hide’ behind things she can totally see through or will cover her ears with her hands which means she’s become magically invisible.
Peek a boo!

Molly wore real shoes (she usually wears slippers out – fur lines or not) for one day because it took weeks for them to fit her fit and once they actually stayed on, her feet were almost too big. And then the next day they were!
Shoes that fit for exactly one day
Super blurry but equally sweet

On this day:
In 2008 – “Mackbook”


3 Comments on “Molly 10 months”

  1. T says:

    the gals got MOXY!

  2. Ms. Lia says:

    ahhh she is so death cute! <3!

  3. W says:

    So, so cute.

    Another reason I love reading these updates because Molly is exactly 2 months older than our little guy, so I get a good idea of what’s in store for us.

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