I like a good product from a nice company.

If a company can be ‘nice’. It’s not a human. But it’s run by humans.

Sometime ago I bought Molly some non-slip hair clips from Clippo. They are those silver clips, covered with ribbon (and sometimes other stuff like badges) with a tacky substance on the inside to prevent slipping.

I’ve checked back since and they have had none in stock. I’ve seen some competitors at local stores but I always found them so tacky. I finally found some nice ones and bought them. They don’t hold quite as well.

I decided to send the nice folks at Clippo a message asking them if they would be replenishing their stock. I asked them to tell me what they used for the tacky substance, since that piece of knowledge is the only think keeping me from making my own, if they would no longer be making them.

I didn’t get any email in return. Instead I came home to a large envelope in my mail box. Did I forget that I placed an order?



I was so excited! Isn’t that so nice? They aren’t all what I would like so I will be re-gifting (something I’m ALL FOR) a couple of them but WOW. Nice people behind this operation and a product that I 100% endorse after about 7 months of daily use.

On this day:

In 2010 – on my blacklist now
In 2009 – man-venture
In 2006 – I will bombard you
In 2005 – I’m irresponsible


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