Molly 9 months

When we took Bobby trick or treating we brought Molly along in Bobby’s old turtle costume. People actually gave Bobby extra candy for his sister. BABIES DON’T EAT CANDY! So I ate it.

I like turtles

Oh the teeth. Molly just erupted her third tooth with another one that looks like it it out, yet is painfully not. She’s coping with it really well. She’s been wearing an amber necklace non stop for months and I often get asked if it helps but it’s not like she starts screaming the moment I take it off so how should I know? Bobby wasn’t a bad teether so I suspect it’s genetics.

I’m so mad that this photo is blurry!
It would have been fantastic. I posted it anyway.

We started going to the playgroup I used to bring Bobby to once or twice a week. Sometimes we see Bobby there and Molly plays with him and the other daycare kids. It’s really fun and I like that she’s building relationships with these kids before actually spending all day with them. They all love her.
Hey I like this baby!

Brent has been into adult beverages with a twist of lemon. So this happened.
What's this?

Oh lemon!

Molly crawls all over the place and walks along furniture and walls. I aslo spend a lot of time facilitating this.
Walking around

She is all about the many guitars in the house. This is the only one at her height.
Playing guitar

Molly really enjoys feeding herself and bananas so this snack was a huge hit. If she sees a banana in your hand, you’d best be prepared to give it to her, if you wish to live.
Feeding herself some banana

That was yummy

Thankfully, Molly quickly got over her “nobody can even LOOK at me unless it’s Mommy” phase. She hangs out with Brent on the regular and even lets her aunt hold her. Grandad is still iffy though. Must be the beard or something but he was here for 3 or 4 days this week and he was still STRANGER DANGER.

With aunt Laura

Peek-a-boo is super fun. Molly will crouch behind furniture and pop out or she will place my hands over my eyes and pull them off. Hours of fun.

My mom bought the kids their x-mas jammies a few weeks ago and I chose a size bigger for Molly but soon realized that if we didn’t get her wearing them now, they would be completely unworn and too small by x-mas. Also, stink toes taste yummy like cheese!

Look what I can do!

ONE day, Molly slept in for an extra 30 minutes!

Sleeping in



On this day:

In 2010 – “Seriously this is just evil.”
In 2005 – “I thought it was glamorous thanks to Pretty Woman.


2 Comments on “Molly 9 months”

  1. T says:

    Bobby and Molly updates make my day~ so adorable and lovely to see children being raised so well, having a good life!

  2. Capital Mom says:

    I am in love with your kids’ red hair! Want.

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