Bobby 3.5

Choosing a pumpkin.

My pumpkin after falling down and smashing it's skull open.

Holloween was a success! Bobby was dress as a lion and roared at everyone who opened their door to him. We made down one side of our street, so about 15-20 houses before he had to go home to use the bathroom. After that, he enjoyed handing out the candy.

Lion vs Turtle

Bobby’s pretending has gotten to the level of… untruths, for the sake of a good story. This usually involves being the victim of some brutality at the hands of one of his friends. We have ways of knowing when he’s not telling the truth. Ways that we may still employ if he ever reads this so I’m not listing them here.

Making a Duplo Giant

Above is the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. The shirt is original 80’s and says “Anthony” on the back. He loves it.

We’ve started having fires in the evenings and Bobby uses his ‘big strong muscles’ to carry the log 3 feet over to the fire place. He’s very valuable to us because we are very lazy.
Also you know what he loves? Popcorn. And if you shake chemically created pickle flavour all over it? HOLY SMOKES!

Bobby is super into Brent right now. Only Brent is allowed to do bedtime. If I walk into the room he goes “Get out! Get out!”If Brent goes out to run an errand without running it by Bobby, the whole time he is gone Bobby wails “I WANT MY DADDY!!!!” through tears. It’s so awesome for me. I mean, the tables used to be turned when he was a baby and little toddler so it’s nice that things are evening out.

Taking a walk in Dad's shoes
Wearing Brent’s shoes

My guys - 6:30 pm
Bobby was playing in another room and just walked up to Brent on the couch and lay next to him. Within 10 minutes they were both asleep. It was 6:30 pm.

A cousin had her borthday party at a huge indoor playground. We had never been before and I was afraid because I heard it was insane. It IS insane but it was also a blast. We are going back for another birthday party this weekend and Bobby will Lose His Mind.

At the indoor playground aka kid crack


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