Molly 8 Months

Ears make everything better

The biggest news is the crawling. It’s not scooting or army crawling. It’s really full blown crawling! In addition to this, she pulls herself up onto things and walks along them and will walk when holding someone’s hands. She once stood on her own for a full 10 seconds before crash landing.

Who me?

When she gets really excited she pants.

Helping with the housework

Has 2 bottom teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. She has bitten me while nursing a few times and my reaction was not positive. I’m pretty sure once day I scared her into not nursing for nearly 12 hours. I had to pump to feed her milk.

You name it, she eats it. Especially fruit.

This year was Molly’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. Bobby, an old hand at this sort of thing, was showing her the ropes. Basically, you lift every pumpkin and deem it too big until Grandma finds a cart, then you choose a big one.

First trip to the pumpkn patch.

Kissing on the wagon

Before Molly could sit up, she grew too large to be manageable in the sink. Now that she can sit, it’s a perfect way to bathe her since it uses less water than the tub and she’s very secure. The only problem is that she can reach too much stuff, like the tap and the espresso machine.

Still fits!

Apres Bain

Molly is enjoying the park much more than Bobby did at this age. She will tolerate the swing whereas he cried in them.

Swinging is serious business

Eating sand at the park

She is beginning to be interested in the dogs. Tyrone loves it when she plays with his collar.
I like your necklace...

Afternoon Nap

These last two videos are a good reflection of how we spend our time.

On this day:

In 2010 – “but I saw many of the movies”
In 2009 – “I totally took days like that for granted before I had released my spawn.”
In 2007 – ” I was probably about 15 when I learned what that term actually meant.”
In 2005 – “I’m already banning the ideas of lemons and limes”


One Comment on “Molly 8 Months”

  1. Lindsay says:

    She is so incredibly cute and I love her little outfits! So girly! I wish I could spend my days this way 😉

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