Bobby 3.4

Bobby went to a Paris Fashion birthday party and received a clip on bow-tie and now he insists on wearing it anytime he’s wearing a collared shirt. I need to find some in a few different colours so he can coordinate better.


We recently rediscovered that Bobby can make shapes with his tongue. Here he is showing some off!

And for my next trick!

Bobby likes to dress himself. He also likes to be silly.

Getting dressed

He is getting SO STOKED for Halloween. We have his Trick or Treating costume picked out. It’s very warm. He’s still trying to decide which of his costumes he’s going to wear at daycare. It needs to be cool enough to wear indoors most of the day. There are many options. This is not one of them.

Complete with fake muscles

I don’t even know


My sister came to stay with us over Thanksgiving weekend. Bobby adores her. Probably because she does practically anything he asks. Doesn’t any Aunt?

Nothing beats an Aunt for a lift home

He looks so grown up in this photo even though he’s in the middle of running around crunching leaves.

Crunching the leaves

Also in case you were wondering. This is what happens at the park.

On this day:

In 2010 – “my camera has decided to be a terrible scrotum”
In 2009 – “me poo”
In 2008 – “thrashes around like a killer whale fighting a sea lion”
In 2007 – “Then we came home and got naughty.”
In 2006 – Busy getting married – no post
In 2005 – “We’ll take our time to keep me from vomiting.”


2 Comments on “Bobby 3.4”

  1. that is a great tie!!

  2. Lauran says:

    Hand-some!!! What a cutie!!

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