Bobby 3.3

Mean Goalie

Bobby is out of the summer thing and into the fall thing this month. He’s noticed that some leaves are changing colours. To him this means “the trees are turning into Naple Trees and fall is coming”. There is no correcting him.

He is now diaper free! Well mostly. He wears pull-ups to bed, just in case. When he makes a poo he tells one of us to come see but before standing up to show it off he says “There’s something… What could it be? You have to be happy and proud. And DON’T tell SECRETS!” Then he stands and you look in a quietly congratulate him so no one else can hear, and then he screams to the other parent “Hey Mommy/Daddy! I made a big stinky poo!!!” We are all thrilled.

Lately castles and castle themed (horses, dragons, royalty) play has been a big hit. I think seeing this set-up at Mrs. Tiggy Winkles didn’t hurt.


Dancing Dragon

Bobby has been getting more interested in his appearance. Sometimes he wants his hair gelled, other times he wants it smooth. There are a couple of outfits that he knows for certain match really well so he likes to choose those first. He always has the option of dressing himself but will often ask either Brent or I to do it in the morning if he is ‘too busy’.

Hair gel

He is also taking on more responsibilities. It’s ‘generally’ his job to feed the dogs and he likes to do it. He also enjoys helping to change over the laundry and to put his clean and folded clothes into the appropriate drawers. On Sundays we have cleaning day and if he’s an enthusiastic helper, he gets an ‘allowance’ which consists of any change we can scrounge up. He saves the pennies aside for throwing into the water fountain at the mall.

He thinks he’s an ok climber, but not a very good one. I tell him otherwise but I think he’s dreaming of reaching the top and not just the lower branches.

A good climber

Two of his cousins have moved back into town. I was watching one who had no childcare for the day so I kept Bobby home as well. They had a super fun time together. We spent most of the day at the park. The two cousins also spent the entire weekend here recently and even though there were some hard times and overload, Bobby had a blast.

Superheo and SIdekick having a snack

Bobby graduated from his level of gymnastics and next time we sign him up he can go without a parent! He is taking a gymnastics break and giving soccer another try right now though.

Kicking out his legs


In addition to harvesting the watermelon he started growing last February (too early, it was white inside), Bobby came apple picking with us. He really enjoyed it and could have stayed much longer but we felt that 25 lbs of apples is enough.

Home Grown

Apple Picking

He’s still totally in love with Molly although now that she’s getting a little grabby we’re hearing a lot of “No Molly! Don’t do that!” but it’s fine once we remind him that she’s just learning how to be a social person. Whenever she’s cranky he does whatever he can to make her laugh. He’s even tried to help her fall asleep once or twice. Points for effort if not for success!

Playing in the garage


Video games have become a new awesome thing. Specifically playing Lego Star Wars with Brent. Basically Brent plays and Bobby holds the extra, not plugged in, controller and thinks he’s doing everything. He gets very excited.

Bobby has always said “be next” instead of “right next” and we just realized that we didn’t have a video of it, so the other night I got my camera set up and we got the conditions to be just right to catch it.

At Playgroup


On this day:

In 2010 – “my feeble attempt at a list of the awesomeness that is Bobby Hurricane”
In 2009 – “neenoh”
In 2008 – “there is no way to tell what you are going to get beforehand”
In 2007 – “but then I ran out of snacks”
In 2006 –  “She went shopping CRAZY.”
In 2005 –  “I love the bitchy woman judge, what’s-her-face.”


One Comment on “Bobby 3.3”

  1. Lauran says:

    Such a handsome and well-rounded little guy… love him! 🙂

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