Even more winning!

As you may be aware, I attend the Orleans Farmers’ Market every week unless I’m out of town. Only recently did I discover that there is a weekly draw to win a bunch of free goods from the vendors and I won on my second try!

This is very exciting because 1- I love winning stuff, 2- I love food, 3-I’m in that mood to try new things cooking-wise.

The Winnings:

Honey, Salsa, Summer Sausage, Apples, Cantaloupe, Red Cabbage and Corn

Leeks, Cherry Tomatoes, Eggs, Gluten Free Brownie, Apple Pecan Sticky Bun, Lemon Cranberry Pound Cake, Pakoras, Maple Cotton Candy and Bell Peppers.

So far we have eaten all the prepared foods. I used one leek with some leftover button mushrooms and creme fraîche to make soup, made the corn as a burger side dish and used the tomatoes on our pasta. Tomorrow we’ll dig in to about half that cabbage. I haven’t cooked much with cabbage, other than making rolls which I do NOT have time/patience/fixings for tomorrow.

I still want to use up 2 leeks in something OTHER than potato soup. Ideas? Maybe a quiche?

On this day:
In 2007 – “Can you guess what it is?”
In 2006 – “my dad’s re-animated corpse just walked into my house”


4 Comments on “Even more winning!”

  1. slizzrd says:

    I am so jealous. because there is no farmer’s market here. and because I never win stuff. those pictures are beautiful!

  2. We really enjoy leek confit. It’s pretty easy, since you just cook the cut-up leeks slowly in butter until it starts melting into itself.


    The issue of Bon Appetit that this came from also had an accompanying recipe for a leek and goat cheese tart. We’ve never made it, but it looks great:


  3. W says:

    Wow — congratulations!

    If you’re thinking of quiche with leeks, we’ve made a tomato and leek filling (the second one listed) in the past which has been a hit.

  4. I’m late to the party but I always use leeks for quiche, in particular a pear, brie and leek quiche which is delicious!

    That’s awesome that you keep winning! I never bother to participate in draws but perhaps I should!

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