Things Always Work Out For Me

That’s exactly what I said to Jose from Joe Mama as he was lifting my new bike into my car. There was concern that it, and Molly, would not both fit. But it worked out. Things always do.

I truly believe that life gives you opportunities and all you need to do is be on the lookout for them. Does that mean horrible things have never happened in my life? Fuck no. There has been some real shit and some general unpleasantness in there, but when it comes to the overall view… it just works out. That’s why I generally don’t worry. In any situation, what’s the WORST that can happen? If you acknowledge what that is, come to terms with it, and make the best choices you can… well, isn’t that all you can do in life?

I guess my whole point, other than gloating about my awesome (not problem free however) life, is that way more good things than bad happen. So celebrate that your bike fit into your car. Celebrate that the dinner you made was totally excellent. Celebrate that you got something in the mail that wasn’t junk or a bill. Celebrate all the little victories and successes and the hard times just don’t seem as important.

I should note that right after getting the bike into the car, I purchased the worst cupcake… no, food item… I have ever put in my mouth.

On this day:

In 2006 – “I got to feel a fake boobie”


2 Comments on “Things Always Work Out For Me”

  1. Lindsay says:

    I agree on this 100%
    Sometimes when I start worrying, I have to shake myself to remember this as things always work out…there is no point to freaking out and what-if.

  2. T says:

    this entry extends beyond the page and as it reassures and confirms!

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