Molly 6 months

What a muffin!

So I am now halfway through this maternity leave thing. Molly sure is growing up!

She now sits up and plays with some toys, however, she’s wobbly so she sometimes crashes. The fun thing is she doesn’t mind!

She’s also super into the jolly jumper. Her best jumps are when I aren’t looking. If she thinks I can’t see then she goes bananas on the thing.

She’s also getting good at anticipating outcomes. She knows where to look if someone is playing peekaboo with her behind an object and she knows what sounds to make to get picked up đŸ˜‰

She still eats her toes.
Toes - It's what's for dinner

She sleeps all scrunched up in one end of her crib. I still have it at the bassinet setting so this scrunching is convenient.
All scrunched up

Since I’m never ever going to cut her hair (ok maybe SOMEDAY), HAIRCLIPS ARE A MUST. Also a must? Making an old man face.
Old Man Face

Bobby got this spinny glow ball toy from my mom. (My mom brought Molly a toy from a Kinder Surprise… no comment) and Molly LOVES it. Whenever Bobby turns it on her whole body is electrified and she lurches towards it. Here she has it at last and can see into all of our souls.
I can see the future!

I LOVE this shot.
Love this. It reminds me od a Bobby pic from the same age.

It reminds me of this one of Bobby at the same age.
Bobby Blue Eyes

I had this and loved it as a kid so I HAD to get it for Molly when I saw it at the consignment store.
Classic Tupperware Shape Sorter

These jammies are so cute. Normally, I only use footed jammies and would use something like this as playclothes but it clearly says Tweet Dreams so there’s not much getting around it.
My favorite PJs right now

Also, her air goes crazy curly sometimes.

On this day:
In 2007 – “Wow I’m in for a wild night… </sarcasm>”
In 2005 – ” This morning I was late for work ’cause we were ‘doing it’”


3 Comments on “Molly 6 months”

  1. Katherine Sullivan says:

    Hahaha!! I must admit this just made my day. The old man face and crazy hair just made me giggle until Jon had to ask what I was looking at. Molly sure is a looker!

  2. T says:

    she is such a beauty and so cute ~ ADORABLE!

  3. Jeff says:

    Oh my god, she’s starting to look just like you! Mainly the eyes, in that first picture especially.

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