Bobby 3.2


Bobby spent half of the last month at home with me and the other half in daycare. I would like to say that I kept up the awesome vacation momentum but I didn’t. It’s a LOT of work. It would be a lot easier without having to take Molly’s 4 naps a day into consideration.

Out back

Playing with his sister

We did a lot of swimming, park trips and a few play dates with friends.

On the big kid swing

We spent a lot of time at Gymboree Play and Music. Here he is hatching his eggs. The heme one week was jungle safari and he was terrorizing all the kids while pretending to be a lion. He doesn’t mean to be scary but a lot of kids freak out. He’s kind of In Your Face about imaginary games. I tell him some kids don’t like that and he doesn’t really get it. He’s 3.

A bird in a nest with some eggs

Outside of Gymboree, the signage is raised letters on the façade and one day when we pulled up he was freaking that there were letters on a building and he was screaming (excitedly) “THERE’S AN R NEXT TO THAT A!!!” When we got out of the car he ran through the shrubs up to the wall and pointed out all the letters he knew.

Dress up was a major staple of playtime.
Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Sawing up the sofa

Being a Pirate for funsies

And we were even lucky enough to get a visit from the ice cream truck.

Ice cream truck!

Ice cream!

At daycare there is a new boy who is close to Bobby’s age. So in total, three boys. The other night Bobby came into our room really upset because the new boy was eaten by the other boy and Bobby wasn’t able to save the new boy. It’s hard to explain dreams at 3 in the morning.

Bobby really likes to watch videos on youtube, the National Film board of Canada’s website and the Spartacat channel (the NHL team’s mascot). One day he actually fell asleep watching these.

Asleep on the job

He’s also in his second run of gymnastics class. When this one is done he graduates to a class where he goes without a parent. Brent and I are pretty excited about that! Here he is building a castle, which is TOTALLY going to be an Olympic gymnastic event.

Building a castle

Bobby’s hair is extremely coarse and even though it looks awesome and styled at the time of a haircut, 5 minutes after leaving the salon (why yes, we take him to a salon…) it just falls flat. I ponied up $5 for some berry scented matte hair gel the other day and it gives him some style for a few hours. Big improvement. No photos of the results (yet) though.

On this day:

In 2010 – “I’ve seriously been overtaken by icky pregnancy.”
In 2009 – “knows what ‘no’ means now, and uses it flagrantly”
In 2008 – “you know what they say about a man with big hands and feet don’t you?”
In 2007 – “It’s generally good but not consistently so and I think I can do better for my money.”
In 2006 – “Driving the cart was probably the best part, but yelling things like “I’m so awesome!” was pretty good too.”
In 2005 – “The Pug celebrated with a nice cold beer.”


One Comment on “Bobby 3.2”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Bobby is such a loving big brother…I love the pics! Even though you feel like you didn’t keep the awesome vacation momentum going, it looks like you did to me :p

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