This is me being a know it all parent.

So many people say the effort people put in to events/activities etc for their kids isn’t worth it because when they are super young they won’t remember it anyway. I guess they’ll turn out just the same if we lock them in a closet for the first few years… They won’t remember it anyway! What difference could it possibly make?

Heck, I don’t remember every single thing I did yesterday. I guess I shouldn’t have bothered living my life since I don’t have a vivid memory of every single detail.

But seriously. The work parents put into events, and their parenting in general is really important even if it doesn’t leave a Kodak memory album in the kid’s mind. It creates an emotional foundation and bond. THAT’S why it’s so important, even if they don’t remember every (or any) detail.

On this day:
In 2009 – “The Lord has healed me!!!”
In 2006 – “Brent’s out buying smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.”
In 2005 – “I’m excited because I’ve never had a chili dog before…”


One Comment on “This is me being a know it all parent.”

  1. yes, i’d say every word of that is true. that’s pretty awesome that you feel that way.

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