Freckle Face

Freckles are concentrated spots of melanin – the thing in skin that gives it colour. Generally, people with freckles are super pale – except for where the freckles are. They are not moles. Moles are raised and sometimes hairy. They are not liver spots, which are dark spots that do not fade with reduced sun exposure.

I wasn’t born with freckles. They started appearing in my early childhood as I became exposed to the sun I suppose. I always knew I had them but never paid it much attention until we moved from Quebec to Ontario. Our new doctor asked me how many I had on my nose and I answered “one” because that’s how many there were the last time I bothered to notice. He laughed and said there were way more than that! That’s when I realized that people noticed them. That it was different.

Once, in grade school, I was having a slumber party where we were all watching Candyman. I went upstairs to use the washroom and started poking through the medicine cabinet (which is weird because it was my own house so I could have done that anytime). I found a jar of concealer and it said ‘for blemishes and spots’. I spent so long in the bathroom applying layer after layer to hide my freckles and finally have beautiful skin that my mother had to come get me to rejoin my friends. After washing my face.

I was so aware of them I could feel them on my face. Each and every one of them taunting me with the slightest amount of pressure caused by it’s darker pigment.

Somehow, mid-highscool, I got over it. Concealer made me look weird and caused major breakouts. The freckles themselves often camouflaged any zits I had so I was happy to just let my skin breathe and concentrate on more important things going on in my life (and by concentrate I mean merely cope with the horror that is being a teenager).

Soon after, I worked at a shoe store that primarily serviced the blue-hair crew (although now it’s more of a middle aged crew). I was helping this one woman ( putting shoes on her feet, getting different styles based on what she needed, etc. ) and at the end of it all she said “freckles are so disgusting”. I don’t remember if I even responded. I know I had two major feelings about it.

1- I felt self-conscious and embarrassed

2- That woman was a really rude old bitch

Now I’m totally ok with them again. I rarely think about them. In the summer They kind of all meld on my face into one über freckle, which is pretty neat. In the winter they get a lot lighter and only my oldest ones still show.

On this day:

In 2007 – “I’m pretty sure my dad and aunt went together.”
In 2006 – “It’s gastronomically abusive.”

3 Comments on “Freckle Face”

  1. T says:

    Isn’t it amazing how one or two nut jobs teasing us for big eyes, or full lips, or red hair and freckles erases a thousand compliments for the same nature made features when we are children?
    I suppose it humbles us?

    I love freckles. I wanted freckles when I was a kid. I would have traded my big eyes for smaller ones and said goodbye to my shiny black hair and brushed thru lighter hair, tolerated sun burns and all, for even just 5 freckles~ I once went into the bathroom and used my moms eye brow pencil to draw freckles on my face.

    Do you love your freckles now?

  2. T says:

    interesting. In my case, the things I was teased for as a kid are the things I most appreciate (as features go) now.

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