My air conditioning is making me fat.

Aside from a brief 1.5 year stint in my early teens, I lived without air conditioning until Brent and I bought our first house in 2006. I was 25 years old.

Before air conditioning, the summers would be spent eating nothing but watermelon, cucumbers and popsicles. Most of the time the heat was so pervasive the thought of eating anything heavier was absolutely depressing. I would sleep with a cold wet faceloth on my head. In the fall I would crave the ‘comfort foods’; casseroles, pies, potatoes etc. I would put on a few pounds but once summer came they would shed without a thought.

Then came the air conditioning. As soon as I’m in it, I want a fucking stew. My workplace is super duper ACd and my home is moderately ACd and I just don’t get that “It’s so damned hot I don’t want to even THINK about eating” feeling anymore. I miss it. I miss having a clear distinction between what my body craves during the seasons. Not that I don’t appreciate the AC, the humidity in Ottawa is so ridiculous it’s basically like breathing soup without it. Also I would never hear the end of it from Brent if I turned it off.

Spending a lot of time outside in the summer helps and that’s fine for the days with no heat advisories when we can find nice shady spots to hang out in. But I have to make a concerted effort.

So what do you think? Is air conditioning partially to blame for the ‘obesity epidemic’?

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