Bobby 3.1

Hugging his sister

So far this has been a pretty fantastic month. There is always a lot going on in the summer. Add to that the fact that Bobby has been out of daycare for the last 3 weeks and I’ve not wanted to spend that time at home and we’ve been very busy!

The morning of his birthday – showing his age
How old are you now?

Have I even mentioned that Bobby likes dressing up in costumes? I have a couple more coming in the mail soon but I’m keeping my eyes open for animal ones, and butterfly wings. I think the post-Halloween sales will suit us nicely this year.

Superhero costume – B-Day gift from Molly
Being Super Buddy!

Lion ‘costume’ – Lion print PJs with a home made mask
Being a lion

Yo Ho Ho!

Howdy Partner!

In addition to hanging out with some good friends on Canada Day, we went out to the West End solely so Bobby could meet this guy:
Meeting his idol on Canada Day

Bobby could not talk. His mouth was wide open and he kept pointing at Spartacat and looking at Brent like “DO YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS FUCKING SHIT RIGHT NOW?” It was awesome. Tie Domi was standing a few feet away, no one cared. SPARTACAT!!!!!!!

We went on a ‘vacation’ to Nanny & Grandad’s place which included a fishing trip on a motor boat and making s’mores in a fire pit and sleeping in sleeping bags (in the house – we brought the tent but no adults wanted to sleep out on the ground)

Boat Riding near Petawawa


We’ve spent countless hours at playgrounds, splash pads and beaches with friends and without. Bobby loves meeting up with friends at parks. I need to set more of that up before he goes back to daycare!

Playing with his cousin

A tough morning

Beach Beauty

Second Time trying out baseball

Oh in weird news, Bobby has been falling out of his bed a lot (it’s not high). He likes to sleep teetering on the edge so it’s no surprise but he cries and climbs back into bed all while asleep. Or sometimes just stays asleep on the floor and hasn’t noticed at all.

The biggest deal this month was probably our trip to Toronto. We drove down on a Friday and on Saturday took the Go downtown then took the Ferry to Ward’s Island where we attended a fantastic wedding overlooking the water. There was even a playground right there. As you can imagine, Bobby thought this was the best day ever. At the end of the day when I did the nightly “What was your best part of today?” Bobby answered “When I married Barb”.

The following day, Brent drove back home and the kids and I stayed in Whitby with his sister for a few days so we would have time like GO TO THE ZOO BITCHEZ!!!

Polar Bear!



Riding the zoomobile

The whole trip was capped off by a 4.5 hour train ride home which is now my FAVORITE way to travel with children.

Sleeping on the train

On this day:

In 2010 – kazoo
In 2009 – I fucking love this shit!
In 2008 – indescribable I would tear a bear to bits with my teeth for you love
In 2005 – I’m never eating fruit again


3 Comments on “Bobby 3.1”

  1. Katherine Sullivan says:

    I absolutely love your blog and tweets! Without wanting to sound like a weird stalker…I actually work for Jon Rausseo and follow you on twitter through the sustain_uottawa account (I am one of the many nameless tweeters!)

  2. Wendy says:

    Hey Tiana,

    You’ve got the cutest redheads on the planet!…I had the cutest platinum heads, now their adults although pretty smart looking adults!

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