Making Orleans Better part 2 = Winning part 3 of 3

A few weeks ago I went to the City of Ottawa Infant Information session held in Orleans. Whenever I can, I support social/community events in Orleans because there really isn’t much going on here and there wont be in the future if the little that does go on is poorly attended.

The session consisted of various workshops ranging from child safety to infant massage. Molly and I attended the Kindermusik mini-class since it’s a program Bobby enjoyed thoroughly.

There was also an exhibitors’ hall populated by the Ottawa Police, dental and health services, community resource centres, retailers and more. It was really great to walk around and gather some new info and learn about new services.

Sara, who did a pregnancy shoot with me, had a booth promoting her family photography business. We discussed that my MIL wanted a new portrait of our family and that I would be booking something with her shortly. As I was leaving the venue I noticed a whiteboard with the names of the door prize winners and I was one of them!

I won a gift certificate for Sara’s photo services. Talk about DESTINY WIN!

We did the shoot last week on an incredibly hot evening in a mosquito infested area near the river. I’m happy to report that the shots are GORGEOUS but you can judge that for yourself. Here is a small sample and you can go see more over on Sara’s blog post.

On this day:

In 2008 – “So that was pretty much awesome”

In 2007 – “he’s nothing more than a sexist jerk.”

In 2005 – ” It’s a shame really.”



2 Comments on “Making Orleans Better part 2 = Winning part 3 of 3”

  1. Sara says:

    🙂 You guys were so much fun!

  2. oh man i SO want to get that last shot of bobby that is beyond awesome. man i love that kid. great photos!!

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