Winning Part 1 of 3

I’m on a winning streak! I’m going to detail my wins in reverse order.


Just over a year ago I bought a car. It came with two sets of keys each with a FOB.  When snow started to stay on the ground, My FOB escaped my key chain and got lost in the Farm Boy parking lot so I took the one off the spare set that Brent had. About three months ago, THAT one mysteriously got lost as well just before I was having my winter tires changed. So I went in and asked for a new one. The guy said they were out of stock so one had to be ordered and would be in within two days and it would cost over $100.

A week after that I still didn’t get a call that it was in so I called and a different guy said that there were plenty in stock and always has been. I kept planning on going in to pick one up but something or another kept getting in the way. Finally this past Sunday all four of us were heading out for our 2nd win and Brent’s car was being problematic so we hopped into mine. I didn’t feel like driving so I hopped in the passenger seat and when Brent moved the driver seat back I saw my FOB on the driver side floor!


That’s a big win right there folks.


On this day:

In 2010 -“I know I have a hard time saying no to treats.”

In 2009 -“Free trade my ass!”

In 2008 -“it was more like wanting to die”

In 2006 -“A baby has burst forth!”

In 2005 – “Coconut ice-cream”


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