Good People

I went to college for 3 years ending in Spring 2004. The program started with about 80 students and ended with about 30. It was divided into two classes.

In that program was a woman with whom I’m pretty sure I had no classes so I really barely knew her. She moved on part way through the program and other than running in to her at the mall one time, I hadn’t heard from her. We reconnected over facebook sometime around when Bobby was born?… I think…

She and I had our first kids around the same time and also our seconds! Their family was invited to Bobby’s last b-day but since there were so many people and they weren’t able to stay very long, we didn’t get to talk much but as in school, she was super sweet and her husband seemed like a stellar guy. Well today I took the kids over to their place ( Brent had band stuff) for a birthday party and let me tell you;

These are good people. I mean, ok I know we were only over there for a few hours so it’s an impression but I’m running with it. They are so positive in their attitudes and words. Their home seems full of love and creativity. They are the kind of people who inspire you to be kind and open and productive. I’m glad we went.

Bobby ate a mountain of candy and went insane but I’m glad we went.

On this day:

In 2010 -“ok I’m just gonna say it, it’s like jizz.”

In 2009 -“rubella seems like a bad cold or something”

In 2008 – “there are also photos of me trying to eat the head”

In 2007 -“he’s getting his nuts chopped off”

In 2006 -“I’ll be damned if my knobs don’t match!”


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