Molly: 3 Months

Muscle shirt

The new baby smell hasn’t worn off yet! It’s WAY better than new car smell that’s for sure.
Pretending to sit

This past month, Molly has started to respond to people and things much more. She smiles and laughs and in the past few days has really discovered her hands and feet. She tries to grab things that are right in front of her face, she sucks her thumb (sometimes putting herself to sleep SCORE!) and tries to eat anything you put in her hand.
Power to the babies!
Play time

She absolutely adores her big brother. She’s so happy to see him in the morning or when he gets home from daycare. He always knows what she needs, milk, a song, a hug… They must have a secret language.
Sibling love

Just like her big brother, Molly’s first organized social activity was baby time at the library and also just like her brother, she slept through the majority of it. Now that the library program has ended, we’ve started mom and baby yoga. She really enjoyed the 5 minutes of it she spent awake.

Thoughtful sleep

Another big hit is bath time. Molly really enjoys soaking the shit out of me by kicking and splashing with her legs. It’s a super fun time. I really should remember to wear a smock or something for bath time.

And what better for apres bath than another beautiful quilt from Mintyfresh?

Quilt by mintyfresh
Quilt by mintyfresh

Quilt by mintyfresh
Quilt by mintyfresh

Orange Ruffles
On this day:

In 2008 -“I have sausage fingers and tater tot toes.”

In 2007 -“A set of clear vampire teeth in the middle of the road.”

In 2006 -“Seperate schools for African-Americans worked just as well as separate marriages for gays and lesbians will.”

In 2005 – “How can it be devilish one moment and divine the next?”


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