Bobby one month shy of 3 years old!

I can NOT believe Bobby is almost THREE! Holy hell. He is getting really good at rationalizing things and deducing outcomes. It’s fabulous.

His artistic side is really flourishing. Here he is drawing giant balloons in the sand at the park.
Drawing Balloons at the Park
And here he drew Humpty Dumpty completely unaided.
Drawing Humpty Dumpty

His sense of style is developing. This is business casual.
Mr. Business

He knows how to woo the ladies.
Sharing a Malt

He received a very beautiful quilt made by Mintyfresh. He adores it and loves discovering little details in the different fabrics like turtles, tools and flowers.

A Side

B Side

He helped me make Hummingbird Cupcakes and even chose the colour for the frosting.
Testing the Frosting
Enjoying a Hummingbird Cupcake

He was pretending to be a cow. He put two non-inflated punch balloons on his thighs and apparently they were his udders.
Pretending to be a Cow with Balloon Udders

No bike ride is complete without a tree climbing pit stop.
Climbing a tree after a bike ride

We practiced turning three by making play dough cakes.
Making a playdough b-day cake

His Aunt Laura visited and taught him about Humpty Dumpty. After some Google Image searches, he came up with this drawing.
Drawing Humpty Dumpty

On this day:

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In 2009 – “Pretending to be a puppy”

In 2008 – “I saw two bunnies!”

In 2007 – Seriously… in the age of iPads?

In 2006 – “a short stay in the House of Mould”

In 2005 – “Movie theaters smell bad and the screens are too big so I have to turn my head to see what’s going on”


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