Awesome update

Some time has gone by since my first day on the road to awesome. As far as my body issues go, I’ve spent the time mostly just observing. It’s not taking much effort (just knowing I’ll have to write it down keeps my food choices more or less in check) to lose the weight, albeit slowly. Tracking my weight and my food intake has led to some good conclusions and thus I’ve come up with a few easy resolutions to help things along.

If I’m still hungry after a meal, drink a glass of water, wait five minutes then have a piece of fruit.

After dinner, brush my teeth. I’m often tempted to snack before bed but I’m not really hungry so if my teeth are clean my laziness will keep me from snacking because I won’t want to brush them again.

If I don’t buy the junk, I can’t eat the junk. Yes the Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen Daz were on ridiculous sale but I’m the kind of person who will binge on junk until it is gone.

If I need junk, I have to bake it myself however, due to the above note, I need to only make a small portion. That said, I think my hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are awesome.

I think with those simple guidelines, I’ll fit back into my clothes and will be feeling fit in no time.

In other awesomeness, I’ve been feeling super motivated to get stuff done lately. Pruning, steaming carpets, trying new recipes, getting back into yoga, looking into career advancement opportunities or even changes. It’s hard to say if this motivation come from within or from spring weather. Are you feeling extra motivated as well?

On this day:

In 2009 – It just makes me want to barf.
In 2008 – I hope our relationship lasts a long time.
In 2007 – I’m not on the Lost or 24 bandwagons
In 2006 – Tofu Steak
In 2005 – The texture is obscenely flat


2 Comments on “Awesome update”

  1. Lori Barron says:

    Your strategies are really great. I wish I could share your motivation 😦 I seem to have stalled when I returned from Europe. Hoping the motivation comes back soon. On the other hand, I share your motivation for getting everything else done.

    PS: I love the new site!!

  2. linds says:

    Totally! the better the weather, the easier it is to be motivated to get moving, get doing stuff.

    I also am like you where if I buy junk I eat it till its gone. I know it’s in the cupboard or freezer and I can’t help myself, not having it in the house is so much easier. The more fruit I have in the fridge, the better off I am.

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