Day one… of awesome!

I’ve been despairing over the fact that I’m still wearing maternity pants.  It’s really horrifying me because I can’t even get my regular pants UP and I really love all my clothes and I don’t want to buy a new wardrobe due to ‘baby weight’. So that’s it. Today is day one of me taking control of this joy ride made of easter chocolates and fancy breads.

Step one is to weight myself every morning. I’m not a crazy psycho who expects my weight to consistently go down every day but I need to do it daily to establish a routine. Step two is to make a food log. I’ll do this for a week and if I see no decrease in weight in that time, I will examine the log and make changes as necessary. Just the fact that I need to write it has been helping me amend my food choices so I’m not sure I"ll have to do much in the way of establishing food rules. Step three, fit back into my clothes and be fabulous!

Other awesome things about today include:

– Getting my tax return money. That will help with my online shopping problem…

– It’s election day in Canada and I have high hopes for a significant shift.

– Bin- Laden has been murdered. I’m not rejoicing his death but for millions of Americans, it could give some closure to a terrible and devastating loss. That said, I worry about what this act will bring about.

So on that ominous note, I’m gonna go brush my teeth and drink a big glass of water and wait for the election results!

On this day:

In 2010 –
In 2009 –
In 2008 – musical fate – which reminds me that I should make a post about my ‘interest’ in music
In 2007 – sewing
In 2006 – p-p-p-push it!
In 2005 – "We finally left and a scary man told us the trunk of the car was open.   We were all terrified for our lives because we thought he was going to murder us. This paragraph is quite sarcastic."


5 Comments on “Day one… of awesome!”

  1. elektrafying says:

    I found the food journal to be really helpful on a lot of levels. It allows me to regain some sort of control, as you said, but also sets me up for personal accountability.

    The other thing that I find helps a lot is 1) establishing “safe” restaurants/meals, b) making my lunches for the week (including washing/cutting veggies, fruits, cottage cheese snacks etc) and putting it all away on Sundays. It eliminates a lot of choices and ensures that I eat what I need in a day.

    PS: You’re fabulous now, but good luck!

  2. everytime i think of the osama thing i get nervous because i worry about retaliation.

  3. what did you think of the election results?

    also I too recently got my tax return money, and I spent a huge chunk of it at Shopper’s drug mart (and since it is a 20x the points day, I now have $150 of free stuff in points just from that one shopping trip!) but I was totally scoping the brown mascara for you. don’t know if you’re still looking for one, but here’s what I found:

    I bought Boots/No.7 mascara for the first time, in brown. I think you would like it a lot!!! it was actually a light/medium brown as opposed to all the other browns. I would check it out. can’t remember how much it costs but their stuff isn’t that expensive. personally I am worried it might be too light for me…

    almay makes one called Brown Topaz. I think I bought that before and I liked the colour. it wasn’t too dark and seemed kind of shimmery and warm. the formula is okay. it’s $12.

    Maybelline makes a product called The Colossal Volum’Express which comes in a fat yellow tube. I really dig their formula and their big fat brush. I always think my eyes look amazing once I put it on. I noticed they have a new colour, Glam Brown. I didn’t get a chance to look at it though. I think it was like $9-$10.

    Quo has a brown too, but theirs was the darkest out of all of them, and is actually really close to black. I only bought it because it was on sale but I’ve never tried their formula so I am scared.

    Gosh was on sale too, and they are supposed to be good, but I am a bit suspicious! their dark brown looks similar to the Quo stuff but it looks kinda dry. I think I’ve bought their mascara before and wasn’t impressed.

    I am noticing a resurgence in browns, and also electric blues. the latter reminds me of high school when I first started wearing makeup. it’s a little too obvious, I wish they would bring navy back. there are a couple plums/raisins floating around which is nice. I did notice that Gosh makes a grey mascara. GREY. so I bought it, for science.

  4. tianadargent says:

    I was walking by MAC a few weeks ago and they had regular brown for all their lines. I picked one up at random. Didn’t like the brush so I’m using an old one that I washed out. I’ll check out one of those less expensive ones you noticed next time I buy!

  5. corto says:

    So… just say’en…
    It should really look more like “It takes you nine months to get that way and every fiber of your being was dedicated to the task… It is perfectly reasonable to expect it to take nine months plus to juggle parenthood, partnership, life and… the effort to regain the physical attributes that your body no doubt wants to wrap itself it.”
    You’ll reach your goals.

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