Molly Month 2

I forgot how fast newborns change! On top of smiling when she has gas and poops, she now smiles at people and things.

When you're smiling!


She tracks objects visually and turns towards sounds (usually Bobby)


Molly Rocket

She’s taken part in a massage course and has started going to Baby Time at the Library.  She has even traveled to Toronto to go to a Big Fat Italian Wedding where she pooped through her ‘formal’ outfit within an hour of arriving and spent the rest of the time in her jammies.

1st time asleep in crib! For real...

She loves her sink baths and kicks the water.

Sink Bath

All in all, good times!

On this day:

In 2010 –
In 2009 –
In 2008 – macarons, monkeys and teenage mustaches
In 2007 – f-locked
In 2006 – bikini wax comparison chart
In 2005 – nintendo

5 Comments on “Molly Month 2”

  1. cathrynapple says:

    She is such a cutie. 🙂

  2. your baby is cute but your hair is also really really awesome.

  3. asimplelife says:

    That is one crazy gorgeous baby! I love the last pic, you guys look fabulous!

  4. you were in a dream i had last night! you called me up to watch your baby after you gave birth to it–pulling me out of a math final that i was seriously struggling with in chemistry in my old highschool.

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