Quit your posturing.

I have had terrible posture for at least as long as I’ve had boobs. When I sit, my back makes a lovely C shape and when I stand my shoulders are usually slouched.  It wasn’t a conscious decision most of the time but it started because I basically went from flat to a C chest in the course of the summer break before grade 6. Good posture just made so… out there… 

Now I’m just used to it.

I had excellent posture when I was going to Pilates but I now live in an area with no decent studio and I don’t have the time to devote to drive to one for an hour class and drive back.  Once Molly isn’t so reliant on me it may be a possibility.  And I’m not a "do it at home" kind of person. It’s something I know about myself and something that hasn’t changed even when I’ve tried. I can’t fight the need for proper instruction and correction.

So for now I’m making the effort and repeat to myself a million times a day: ‘Don’t slouch’, ‘shoulders back’ , ‘straight spine’ in an attempt to retrain my muscles.

It was easy when I was pregnant. My belly kept me straight without even trying which is probably why it’s so difficult for me right now. I’ve lost muscle tone and strength in my abs for sure and likely in my back as well.

On this day:

In 2010 –
In 2009 – free activities for kids in Ottawa
In 2008 –
In 2007 – even stevens
In 2006 – "I wish people could just BE clean all the time. I hate showering."
In 2005 – "it would have to be understood that I suck at sports but enjoy running around like a silly person"


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