I have nothing to write about and then BAM a bunch of stuff!

On Meat

When I got pregnant with Molly I started eating meat again just because I really really wanted to. At first it was a more acute interest int he holiday birds, then it was bacon and recently I’ve added in limited quantities of beef. The idea of putting dead animal parts in my mouth no longer repulses me enough to keep me from doing it. I really don’t understand how this happened but I do find myself craving meat lately so… *shrug*
I still have no interest in seafood

On Friendships

This weekend I traveled to attend the wedding of my oldest friend, with whom I have had a strange ‘estrangement’ over the past few years. During the ceremony, I was overcome with sadness from missing this person from my life. I took part in communion and felt a surge that convinced me that I would do whatever was needed to heal this friendship by the end of the day.   The opportunity presented itself later on in the evening and I’m very excited and I’m very happy that my friendship with this person was hovering between Pause and Slow Motion instead of being totally scrapped and we can just continue on from here. Both of us a little wiser and with more empathy and caring.

On Dogs

While away this weekend we stayed with my sister in law who has a very cute Shitsu Yorkie mix which ALMOST has me convinced that I like dogs more than I’ve previously admitted. This little dog has the no-shed advantage over our dogs.  Sadly, this morning we discovered that Tyrone has some sort of injury or something.  He yelps if touched between his shoulders and will not go down stairs if there are more than 2.  He will go up them but only very slowly. We’ll give it a day or so to see if he improves and if not, off to the vet we go.

On Weight

I have 13 lbs to lose to get to my pre-baby weight.  This weight in not some kind of unrealistic fantasy, it is the weight that I most consistently have been since I’ve reached this height. It is right in the middle of the healthy weight chart for my height and bone structure. It’s the weight where all my clothes fit me.  I know the kind of diet I need to maintain in order to achieve this weight quickly and healthily, but I’m not motivated to do it since I’m still losing weight (albeit slowly) with this terrible diet I’ve been maintaining due to all the breastfeeding I’ve been doing.

On Breastmilk

I have a ton, as I did with Bobby. Although this time, I’ve actually found a donor for my surplus! I’m very happy to be able to help a family out with what would likely have been wasted.

On this day:

In 2010 –
In 2009 – this is similar to my list of sounds that should not be allowed on TV
In 2008 – I’m glad we don’t have snow, but 20 degrees would be nice right about now
In 2007 – colour conveys mood
In 2006 – Shrimp is basically a sea cockroach
In 2005 – Half a day with no complaints


6 Comments on “I have nothing to write about and then BAM a bunch of stuff!”

  1. tianadargent says:

    I only had 12 to lose immediately after having Bobby. I’ve already lost 10 with Molly so this just feels like a much bigger hurdle!

  2. cathrynapple says:

    I ended up going the opposite way with meat. I feel weird eating it now. Kudos for donating some milk! Very kind of you.

  3. metahara says:

    ” I’ve actually found a donor for my surplus! I’m very happy to be able to help a family out with what would likely have been wasted.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    That is great about the breastmilk donation. And I had a vegan friend that would sneak out and eat sweet and sour chicken balls when she was pregnant. It was such a strong craving for her!

  5. 13 pounds doesnt sound that bad! go girl!

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