It would be really cool if flat screen tv’s were mirrors when turned off. I’m sure it could be done but I know I would never make my millions with this idea since I don’t know how to make a prototype and pitch it to the dragon’s den…

Hopefully someone steals this idea and makes it real just like how winter lined rain boots came out the winter after I posted about THOSE being an awesome idea.

On this day:

In 2010 –
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In 2008 –
In 2007 – we now have drums and I have yet to play them
In 2006 – bribes
In 2005 – I wish I still got such kickass tax returns!


6 Comments on “Invention”

  1. sarahfae says:

    omg that would be awesome! I would totally mount my TV behind a big ol’ vintage frame. I hope this happens, and I’ll remember you if it does ;

  2. c9 says:

    They exist!
    (plus many other sites, just google “tv mirrors” to see some options. no idea if you can add to existing TV though, like an iPhone reflective screen)

  3. lindyhoppr says:

    I want nice ornate frames for flat screen TVs. So that when they are off, they are a HUGE digital picture frame.

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