Clarify this for me.

When I was a toddler, our neighbours had bunnies which up until now I assumed were pets. Really though, they probably raised bunnies for their dinners. I remember going to see them a couple times and I remember my mother picking them up by their ears!!! I don’t think that’s right. I mean, if you think of the weight of their bodies and all of that being supported by only their ears, they were likely in a lot of pain. 

I remember being shocked at the age of 3 or 4 and my mom saying that it’s just the way you carry rabbits. I think though, she may have that confused with the way you carry a DEAD rabbit.

So folks of the internet: Carrying live rabbits by the ears – totally cool or totally cruel?

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6 Comments on “Clarify this for me.”

  1. We picked them up by their bodies… like you would a small dog or cat. I wasn’t sure, so I googled it for you and found this…
    Pick up your rabbit by grasping the scruff of the neck gently with one hand and supporting its rump and hindquarters with your other hand.
    Never pick a rabbit up by its ears – they are very sensitive and easily damaged.
    To carry your rabbit tuck its head under your arm while still supporting its hindquarters.
    If you are unsure, have your vet show you the proper way to restrain and carry your rabbit.
    Tips for kids
    Don’t pull your rabbit’s ears
    Be gentle and your rabbit won’t become frightened
    Keep your bunny away from other pets, especially dogs
    Chasing games are stressful for your rabbit
    All this from..

  2. tianadargent says:

    I knew it! My mom is evil!

  3. lol
    … according to the bunnies.

  4. trinity3x says:

    CRUEL!!!!! Bunnies should never be retrieved by their ears.

  5. metahara says:

    Your mom is a fricken piece a work!

  6. vonandmoggy says:

    I already answered this on fb but…CRUEL! Tell yer mom the bunnies are gonna haunt her!

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