This is about mascara.

I don’t use black mascara. I know wearing mascara in the first place is fake but to me, pretending my eyelashes are BLACK is super fake. There is not a black hair on my body!

And the black-brown you see at the pharmacy… what the hell is that??? It’s just mild black. It’s nearly impossible to find a nice brown nowadays bit I remember when I was in high school and auburn was readily available. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to hoard that shit! That and my favorite discontinued hair colours (I guess orange hair is no longer in fashion).

So as it stands, I need to spend $30 at Sephora on a nice brown mascara. A few days ago I was as Superstore browsing the Joe clothes and noticed they had makeup so I took a peek and saw BROWN MASCARA for UNDER $10!!!  I bought it.  Ouuu I was so excited.

This is the shittiest mascara I have EVER bought. The brand new tube applies worse than my overdue for replacement mascara of yesteryear. Not only does it go on horribly, but it’s waterproof so it’s a real bitch to take off.

This is my plight. Pity me.

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10 Comments on “This is about mascara.”

  1. asimplelife says:

    What about clear mascara?

  2. photogfrog says:

    Mascara is the only make up I wear, thanks to my blonde eyelashes.

  3. hmmm it’s strange i used to drop $$$ at sephora all the flipping time because i loved the brand names and i thought their stuff was sooooo good. and it is of course, not always ya know but….
    however my favorite mascara that i have ever had is my drugstore-bought Lash Stilleto in dark brown. not the color youre looking for, but as far as consitency and wand go–A+.
    im pretty sure i saw an add once in bust or bitch magazine about make-up for red headed people but i do not know the name of it.

  4. yeah, like ten years ago I used to be able to find various shades of blue, copper etc and I loved it. I like black but for blue eyes navy is pretty amazing too. now when I look for mascara there are like 84565284636283 brands and I can only ever find “black”, “very black”, “soft black” and “brownish black”. wtf?
    almay does make some colours with tinges of plum etc in them but I don’t know why you can’t just find a simple brown anymore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looking Forward To Getting Involved
    Thanks…this looks really interesting. I am looking forward to having my says!

  6. okay just fyi. I went to Shopper’s Drugmart in Whitehorse and they had Benefiit mascara in Bad Girl Plum. I totally bought it — I have Bad Girl Blue from last year which I should prolly toss but it is awesome okay! anyway the plum isn’t super dark and looks similar to auburn but obviously with a cooler tone. it might work for you, and they usually have testers at Shopper’s so you can at least open the tube and make sure you like the colour.
    the downside is that it’s like $26 but it’s nice mascara. I would totally have taken a pic for you but I apparently left my camera at a truck stop somewhere in the Yukon.

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