Molly Month 1

Molly’s biggest achievement was being born. She was a trooper. Other than that, she’s been up to normal baby stuff. Eating, pooping, peeing crying and sleeping.  The faces a baby makes while working SO HARD at pooping out liquid are hilarious. It’s like watching a tv show.

At first, Molly had a slight tongue tie which made nursing excruciatingly painful for me but ok for her. Wahoo!  Eventually it stretched out and now everything is fine. Having a second baby is a lot easier than having a first baby. I can tell the difference between crying for certain things and the kind of cries that require me to attend to her at the expense of my bladder.

Ummm.  There isn’t much more to report on so early into her life I guess. Snuggling is awesome and I’m excited from when her smiles mean more than a giant fart is on the way.

Here are some photos

First sink bath
First sink bath

Doing something funny with her bottom lip/chin
More naps

Everyone needs a bear hat
Everyone needs a bear hat.

The magic Vibrating Chair
The magic vibrating chair

Sleeping with Tyrone
Molly sleeping with Tyrone

Saying their good mornings
Saying their good mornings

Bonding with the good dog
Bonding with Tyrone

Chilling on the carpet
Hanging out on the carpet

The view from my face
The view from my face

After the bath
Apres Bath

And videos

Molly being held by Bobby for the first time

Bobby talking to Molly

On this day:

In 2010 –
In 2009 –
In 2008 – I got giant grammy bras
In 2007 –
In 2006 – abortion
In 2005 – ha ha ha


6 Comments on “Molly Month 1”

  1. photogfrog says:

    She is precious!!! Such a sweet girl!

  2. rachaeldoss says:

    She is GORGEOUS.
    I am getting irritated by the postal service that the package I sent still has not arrived. It was super small, not something that should take 3+ weeks!

  3. metahara says:

    awe precious Molly…the pic in the graco seat, if you crop it just below the graco label, it looks like she is royalty…the pic in the blanket is totally magazine and frame worthy!
    I love how much she looks like Bobby and how adorable they are together!!!
    Glad her nursing tongue straightened out~

  4. tianadargent says:

    Stuff from the states sometimes takes FOREVER! I’m not too worried.

  5. utsi says:

    she’s a cutie! thank you for sharing

  6. So sweet:) Although no pics with Sir Bernard?

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