Bobby 2 years 9 months

Bobby has had a great month. Before Molly was born he was having a hard time. I think he was really stressed out about the uncertainty of it all but the change that happened the DAY we came home with her was amazing. He has gone back to his happy self and just absolutely adores his baby sister. Her kisses her and says things like:

"Don’t worry Molly, everything is ok"
"She wants her big brother!"
"She’s so cute. Just like me!"

He also tries his best to be very helpful with her. He tells her to keep her feet in the sink during her baths, he plays with her, gives her hundreds of kisses a day and even makes sure her furniture is good enough for her.
Getting in the baby chair

Helping give Molly her daily bottle
Bobby shows Brent how to feed Molly her daily bottle.

Even though he’s back to his old self, he’s exploring his boundaries and testing his limits. This is something that keeps us on our toes and tests our parental skills.

His creative play is blossoming in two major ways. The first is that he re-enacts things he sees. For instance he watches Raffi (pronounced Giraffy) videos on youtube and then duplicates them. He sets up a chair, microphone, guitar and kazoo in the same manner as the video and sings the same songs and makes the same small talk. It’s adorable. He also does re-enactments of "Carry me Home" by the Hellacopters and his good old stand by, "Dancing in the Dark" by Bruce Springsteen.

The second way is through dress up. He puts on a red cowboy hat and suddenly he’s Santa using a guitar strap as an umbrella flying to Australia to watch Madagascar in theater and that keeps hum busy for he whole day. I made him some bunny ears and a tail so he could be the easter bunny. They don’t stay up though because I suck at this kind of thing!

Bunny Boy
Bugs Bunny Bobby

Riding Dusty the Giraffe
Riding Dusty the Giraffe

He has officially stated that his favorite colour is green and no one else can have it.

Showing off his muscles
Big muscles man

Practcing his ANTM poses
Lil tuff guy

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3 Comments on “Bobby 2 years 9 months”

  1. Anonymous says:

    bobby is adorable and your house is beautiful!!!
    sometimes I tell my boyfriend about Bobby antics that I see on the internet. the whole toaster impression thing was a particular favourite.

  2. metahara says:

    that proves it
    Bobby is the coolest boy child~

  3. bobby is such a good older brother!!! :3
    can you raise my future kids too, please?

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