1- I think breast is best
2-If you don’t that’s none of my concern
3-If my baby/infant is hungry and I’m breastfeeding, that’s ALSO none of your concern.

Anyshizzle, there is a lovely video made by PhDinParenting all about how much a woman should cover up while nursing in public. It is pretty much exactly how I feel about the subject.  Watch it and let me know what you think!

There are also some really great comments over at the original post which go over ideas like whether or not the fact that women choosing to only breastfeed in private hampers the acceptance of women nursing in public (answer: not really).


One Comment on “TRUTH”

  1. metahara says:

    regarding breast feeding: agreed…however in the work place ya gotta use a lil common sense. If the men are wearing suits and ties and your showing up in a short skirt and push up bra cleavage, you’ll get noticed for it.
    If you show up on set- which is almost all men, and you are not an actress, makeup or wardobe….and you arrive with cleavage and ass cleavage (those new jeans -ugh) your tits and ass will be looked at more than you will be heard or seen in any other way. If you have the nerve to ask the tough assed bitch of a 1st AD (me) for advice, I will tell you to go get a loose hoodie and cover up. I to do not want to see your ass and tits at work…others do, but they will not work well with you- so if you ask me, I’ll be real about it. Is that not being feminist?
    Also, when you experience sexual harassment or sexual discrimination, I will suggest you fight back with biting humor…there is no HR, there is no getting someone fired for it (not on indie sets or commercials) – you either fight it rt then and there with humor or you will never be seen with that crew again.
    now if you are a nursing mom at the grocer, Dr., restaurant, an office- that’s a different story.

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