I’m still pregnant.

I’m still not working.

I’m still pretty sore all over so getting out and doing things, or doing a lot around the house, is difficult.

I’m tired of watching tv or refreshing my feeds to soo if anything new has come up.

I obviously need more social interaction (other than phone calls) but I ALSO really like not getting dressed. This is mostly because I’m so huge and putting on anything that isn’t sweat pant like is terrible uncomfortable.

I have an art project in the works and that’s going well but I can only do so much in a day before I need a mental break. Otherwise I start to get sloppy.

Maybe I’ll go get some things and bake a cake then eat the whole thing and take a nap.

On this day:

In 2010 –
In 2009 – overbearing men
In 2008 –
In 2007 – I wonder what happened
In 2006 – snow cone!
In 2005 – B-12 is a fucking miracle


2 Comments on “meh”

  1. fiercekitty says:

    aww I wish I still had a car, I’d come and visit you! I got nothing. I started journalling recently and that’s really relaxing (really informally, sometimes all I do is doodle or make stupid lists with pictures like “What I did today”).
    Other than that I’d pretty much love to be at home and have time to do all that TV-watching, but you must be bored out of your skull 😦

  2. tianadargent says:

    It gets old once you’ve seen all the shows and good movies. I decided I’d take up baking today.

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