The downfalls of pregnancy

Here is a list of all the ailments I’ve had during this pregnancy.

In order of appearance:

Terrible depression
Strep thoat
Terrible 3 week yeast infection caused by antibiotics to treat strep throat
Excruciating hip pain
Crazy heart burn
Mysterious lung infection which caused terrible coughing for 2 months
Terrible 3 week yeast infection caused by antibiotics to treat mysterious lung infection
Pink eye
Cold sore
Excruciating pain on pelvic bone
Crazy rib pain
Sexual difficulties
A cold
Round ligament pain
Some kind of vomiting, diarrhea illness
Crippling pain in my back due to some kind of ‘injury’ putting a jug of water in the fridge, where Brent actually had to carry me around the house while I sobbed in pain
A cold and cold sore combo

Someone send this list to all women having unprotected sex.

{EDIT} I don’t like being pregnant but I love my kid(s)!!!

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6 Comments on “The downfalls of pregnancy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have strep throat right now and I can’t remember ever being sicker. I am taking probiotics & grapefruit seed in the hope that I don’t get a yeast infection (leftover from the thrush I get everytime I start nursing!). So yeah, I could not imagine going through this AND being pregnant at the same time. Pregnancy is like an illness onto itself, really. To top it off with more crap must have been hell.
    I have also been thinking Corinne may be our last because two kids when I am down for the count (not to mention everything else going on) has been extremely stressful.

  2. asimplelife says:

    Doh! That was me. I forgot I had reset my phone.

  3. corto says:

    seriously… I sure hope the end game goes well. 🙂

  4. oh my! are all pregnancies like this? this sounds terrible!
    ive only ever had one yeast infection. it had only one symptom that was the cottage cheese-like discharge. the treatment was more unpleasant than the infection. it made me feel like a freak bc everyone else gets shittaeous yeast infections.
    ok, end overshare, luba.

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