What’s a mom to do?

The other day, Bobby was seeming pretty down at daycare so she had a long talk with him and it turns out that he’s sensing the change coming up and he’s feeling apprehensive and sad and all that stuff. HEART BREAKING! I haven’t had the chance to find out exactly what was said yet because Brent’s been bringing Bobby to and from daycare most days and somehow he doesn’t get the same detail of info that I do. 

He’s starting chewing his nails which is a definite sign of anxiety. I want him to feel secure and happy. I know it will be rough on him but I want to make it as easy and joyful as possible. I have lots of plans on how to incorporate him and make him feel special and important once Molly arrives but it seems like right now he’s having a hard time dealing with the unknown and the knowledge of imminent change.

I don’t know what to do!

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4 Comments on “What’s a mom to do?”

  1. tianadargent says:

    oh thanks for those ideas! Ordering the book now!

  2. metahara says:

    baby/toddler yoga…it really does make a difference –
    not bikram insanity, just gentle breathing letting go & fun: being a lion (he gets to roar), dolphin, cat, cow, fish, a rock, and sleeping man pose (dead mans pose) really helps us humans out.
    look for kids books and (by now they must have) dvds.

  3. I think the lines ‘Mommy loves me, daddy loves me, I am special to them. I am the only me in the whole world’ new page ‘Now I am speical in a new way too! I’m a big brother now’ are key. We repeated that alot around here!

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