Two Rants about Furniture


We bought a very expensive change table for Bobby. It is very nice quality and can be used as a shelf system or a desk with a simple modification.  When we moved, we misplaced some of the hardware that went with it. I emailed the company and asked how much it would cost for a replacement hardware set.  The answer was $107 plus $25 shipping!!!  That’s a lot.  I’ve tried just replacing with hardware store parts but I can’t find the exact right thing and the whole piece is too wobbly to put a baby on.  The other thing we could do is buy a dresser and put a change station top on it but then we have this nice piece that will be completely useless sitting in the basement.

I think I’ll try the hardware store one more time but for now, I’m annoyed!


We ordered a kitchen table from a certain store in the market before we moved. The estimated delivery date was mid December. In late December after hearing nothing Brent called to ask about it and was told that it would be mid-march and that we’d be getting a letter in the mail to explain the situation soon.  We got nothing, we heard nothing. Fed up, I called back this Monday to be told that it would be end of April. The person I spoke with told me it was her colleague that was in charge of this order and she could explain it to me. I started to tell her that I was very disappointed in the post-order customer service from this company (this is the second time a similar thing has happened) and she said that she would note it in my file and that her colleague would call me back.

I called back today and I was speaking to the same person and I asked why I still had not received a call. She told me that I asked her to merely note my displeasure in my file!!! LIES. I told her I wanted to speak to someone about this issue ASAP and she took down my number and said a supervisor would call me back.

I am PISSED. Look if my order is going to be late, I’m ok with that IF YOU CALL ME BEFORE IT’S DUE TO ARRIVE AND LET ME KNOW!!! But if I have to chase you around so you can tell me that something is messed up and then ignore me for MONTHS ON END I’m going to take my money elsewhere, even if it costs way more for me to so.

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3 Comments on “Two Rants about Furniture”

  1. asimplelife says:

    If that store is Van Leeuwen I totally sympathize. I bought a bed from them and when they delivered the wrong one the woman I spoke with told me that her salesperson never makes mistakes like that and that it was my fault. This after it was obvious that two numbers had been reversed in the ordering process. I was furious and promised to never step foot in there again – and I never have.

  2. tianadargent says:

    It absolutely is them! I just got a call. They offered free delivery in the table once it comes it (we were going to pick up) and didn’t seem to understand that my problem was not with the DELAY but with poor communication with regards to the delay. When Brent gets back home we’ll decide if we’ll take the delivery and shop elsewhere after or just ask for our money back.

  3. damedini says:

    For the change table, try Lee Valley tools – they have a lot of more obscure hardware and might have the parts you need.

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