I guess it’s official?

I haven’t been to work in almost 2 weeks.  I’ve been sent home by the doctor at the walk in clinic when I was too dizzy to even sit up and my own prenatal care team has recommended that I stay home due to pelvic issues (not serious but it’s made worse by sitting at a desk or standing much which basically rules out being at work).

I find I can do about one task a day, MAYBE two, before being completely wiped. Do today’s task is clean the kitchen! And if I’m up to it, make banana waffles.  I try to get out once a day to stay sane but that’s not always possible. I’m up for visits!

The plus side of all this is that, even though I can’t do much at a time, I feel like I’m actually preparing for this baby, which I never got the chance to do with Bobby since he was born right before I was about to start my planned nesting vacation.  I’ve already made and frozen some muffins and burritos. I’ve put together half the nursery furniture (we lost some pieces to the other stuff and they need to be found at a hardware store HOPEFULLY). I got some stuff framed so some of the walls are less bare. Stuff like that. It’s nice.

So I’ve sent in my extended leave paperwork and emailed the right people but I haven’t really heard back from anyone.  I guess if there was a problem they’d be calling me and saying stuff like "Why aren’t you at work?"

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One Comment on “I guess it’s official?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you look awesome! and short hair is amazing on you.

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